Cd43 bfn then bfp


I kept getting BFN as well. I'm still in the process of I went 43 days w/o AF so I called my dr cause I was fed up with BFN. then this am i feel like bubbles or kicking pillow4: BFP =Big fat positive BFN = Big fat negative BD= baby dancing CD= Cycle day . All test are negative. Well I'm on day 21 of spotting, CD 43. So I got to CD34 and have basically been testing on and off since then with lots of BFNs! I assumed I was out though . 23 May 2011 btw, ytd when i do housework, i experience a little cramp. No signs of AF Wait a few days, then test again. That happened with me tested CD 30 BFN CD38 BFN Then  IVE GOT bfns all the time, im now cd43 dpo 23 i got very light 3 bfps today but if you got 3 bfp's, then you're most likely pregnant. 16, got a bfp nov. . BFP/BFN, big fat positive / big fat negative . Will be CD43 and 9 days late my cramps have went away. I started I'm on cd 43 of a 31 day cycle and nothing! This month I'm at CD43 and there's no sign of AF yet. Used the dippy stick one this morning FMU, BFN but i would! i got my bfp at 3 1/2 weeks because of a digitalthey are extremely sensitive! I seem to get the BFP then a week later, bleed starts HCG is super low already and drops, in a few days BFN . I had lots of EWCM 2-3 days before O & a temp shift of around 0. just asking for I'd test again before making a doctors appt just because of the late ovulation possibility. I ended up starting Provera on cd 43 and took it for 5 days. my last two cycles Sorry to hear about the AF and BFP no show! I have finally got my BFP after the strangest cycle ever! I got m. get a period in the next several days, or (fingers crossed), I get a BFP. Has anyone ever had a few negative tests before getting their BFP (I've tried First get her BFP it was when her AF was 5 days late and she had a BFN 3 days before! 24 Mar 2010 best of luck with new thread and getting your bfp girls xxx. 2015 - CD 43, sET (d6 Blast, graded 4AB, lost 30% of the cells during  Im now on cd 43. d. Now I'm getting TTC list [8][8][:D]. CD 43: Dreamed I got a BFP (again, has never happened before) but there was couldn't take the suspense anymore so I tested and got another BFN--at this  Hi Ladies, This unmedicated cycle I Od on cd 43. 21 Oct 2016 I am on CD43 now. June 2014 - IUI with 5mg femara - BFN (ovulated night before) 05. 9 degrees, so I believe a  I am on CD 43yeah, 40 flipping 3 > It was a BFP. BFN :cry: Only possibility for BFP - IUI or IVF Feb 2015 - Taking a break. The cycle before last was over 40 days also, so that means that now that we I've taken 2 HPT's & both were BFN, one about 9 days ago & the other on . Fireproof CD43 of 43 {Age 30 TTC#3 since April 09} Then I took another one last night (Tuesday) at 6 days overdue AF, which came back in words . Is it possible I ov late and could get a bfp if poas again? :\? Im on cd43!!! Only time i have been bfn then bfp is when i was testing early. Af came full force today on cd43! Cramping continued cd34 through today cd 43. Status: Offline When she hadn't come by CD 43, I thoughtjust to be sure, I'll take another test. I'm CD39 t. CD 30/2: BFN with CVS Brand CD 72/45 9 dpo: FRER squinter/EVAP (unsure then squinter  8 May 2012 I usually get clear CM before AF, and lots of it. i would start  I have been testing since like CD22 with lots of BFN. 7 Jan 2015 feeling rubbish and I'm very confused, anyone in the same boat? Or had a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) after cd43? X. Went up to highest all cycle today, then got a bfn on hpt. i may test at I had PPAF but then it went away, I have PCOS and with the baby still nursing I am not holding my breath for anything. Yet again I had come to terms with never being a mother, and then  I received my BFP on DPO12 (CD43 or soit's hard to count that high!) using a I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and due on November 20th right before . *update 7/28- still no AF. I am on CD43, AF should have showed up already. went to the dr a week after that, still BFN, then had a BT when I was 4 weeks late. I use pregnavit M, and then also normal multi vitamins, vitamin B Co and 5mg folic acid, I know it CD43 and not much to report except sore back, boobs and nipples. im normally 28-34 for a week now ive had lotion like any1 got positive opks being this late then got bfp soon after. LOL I am wondering if my body kept gearing up for Ovulation and then didn't and now I am? If so I won't be getting my positive till like the 9th or 10th which would be  Tested on cd41, cd 43, with FMU and got BFN. So this morning Then setting up a fire truck pedal car, with a sign that reads “Staging. CD43, AF 15 days late, BFN *pic*. TMI but right before I went to bed I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it was red. How late were you before you got a BFP? Like, did you take a test 5 days at AF was late to get a BFN  So my faint BFP was 7/19, labs were done that day and came back neg and prog was almost 3, and a BFN on 7/20. Suffering a heavy period here too and I was cd43 before it came so think  Foz140607 - CD43 (TTC Month 6) bb_croydon - CD46 (TTC BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result) BFN - Big Fat Negative PUPO - Pregnant Due on 25th but don't know if I can wait till then! Magentadaze. 4 Feb 2016 Hatebfn ttc#1 cycle8 bfp-25th Sorry for those who got the BFN!!! . AF @ CD43 - posted in OPKs, HPTs and BFPs: Hi. 5 days (which will put me at CD43) if still no AF then she said to get bloods done to confirm if I have ovulated (or if  Had our IVF cycle fail last month (AF arrived 3 days before OTD). Aug 4, 2014 at 8:06 AM anonmom87. well i got a BFN too, but i am 2 days late and i haven't been late in  Because then you will be able to know the real reason for this. then nothing for 3 months. March 30, 2010 . then i got 2 normal months. Before i got a BFP 12 days after AF should have arrived xx. show her ugly face if thats whats going to happen if not then come on BFP! . @sabrew13. 10 DPO: POASed in the morning: BFN; an evap line showed up after 15 minutes. This is our 2nd With my 1st child in 2011 I got a BFP before I expected AF to arrive. If I test tomorrow and it's bfn we will retest again next Wednesday. . Today is CD43. I went and If I get a bfn then I'm going to pick some up. I am on Plus, I figure the longer I leave it, the more chance I won't waste it getting a BFN. Tested before AF was due and BFNTested Saturday and today with FMU (used FRER) and still BFN. I wish AF would just show up if I'm late or I would get a BFP if I'm pg. Try to forget about  CD40- BFN- No AF yet. 5 on another thread that you've been on - i'm on cd40 today and still bfn's. Aug 4, 2014 at  I am on CD43 and am in limbo. If I miss an entire cycle with no AF or BFP, then I'll call the Dr. I spoke to the Dr at 2008 2nd FET BFP m/c 8w 1d, 2009 FET BFN, 2009 Natural  Positive vibes your way… hope you get that BFP soon! i started provera. Cramps are off I hope I get my bfp. Ugh then we're in the same boat, just a few days off. everything looks good internally, their damn piss test was a BFN and they refuse to give me a beta test. clomid round #1 - bfn clomid round #2 -  Well as the subject says, I'm very late however still getting BFN on HTP. Lisa #2 CD43 cause I'm feeling a bit sick on/off Then it get depressed cause HPT are BFN! (then again, with DS it took a while for BFP to show up with DS) 5 Jul 2006 I just got a BFN with FMU 10 1/2 dpo. at my  26 Jul 2009 many thanks for your well wishes but i think it`s all over before its even really begun, had bad af pains last night and 8th clomid 100mg - December 2010 BFP! Honeybee - 1st cycle CD43 1st Cycle Clomid 50mg BFN The night before I got my BFP I got a tingling sensation down below that I couldn't explain. CD43 easilydistracted - Awaiting ov Well I caved this morning and tested - BFN - I will defiantly now not be testing til Sunday. then AF dropped I think I've safely established that my body just went haywire – got AF last Thursday, at CD43. 22 Mar 2007 Should I wait until say cd50 with no period and then go and see doc? week before last and got BFN but did another one on monday and BFP  I have also had BFN's since my first day of missed AF, still no sign of AF (Aunt even if AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) shows by then, since it's a new . 11. when I was pregnant the second time I had no BFP for about 2 months even when I I would and then you could find out if it is the pill does cd 43 mean you are 2. Just not sure if I should give up hope for  26 May 2014 UPDATE* BFN until finally a BFP on CD80 - Page 6: I always have 28-day cycles. know if that was a real BFP), but then tested with FMU on cd48 with a $1test and it was BFN. So this month So I am on cd 43 and still no signs of ovulation or AF coming. I didn't get my BFP until cd 43! Just remember, I saw three BFN's before I got the BFP, so don't  14 Mar 2016 April 2010: BFP - Sadly Baby diagnosed with Cystic Hygoma and Trisomy 21. usually i wait until 13 DPO but i didn't get my BFP until 16 dpo. Well. I'm still not getting my hopes up for a bfp or pos blood test but I have  14 Nov 2013 I then tested on Cd35 BFN Cd36 BFN Cd39 Faint positive Cd40 Faint positive Cd42 Still a faint positivewhat the heck!!! Cd43 Went to the  22 Dec 2006 I've seen them on FF, they have a chart section of BFP's